Our Services



Manufacture and installation of Aluminium Composite panels.

Aluminium composite panels are specifically designed for the construction industry giving Architects and designers a broad spectrum of colours and design opportunities.

  • Our experienced on-site installation team ensure high-end workmanship in the use of ACP for both exterior and interior design concepts.
  • Off site fabrication of panels by CNC and grooving specialists.
  • All products Codemark certified.


We deliver a  wide range of various façade systems which allows architects to incorporate many different design concepts into their façade. Installation of facades Systems:

  • Terracotta Ceramic Tiles (Terracade systems)
  • Timber Veneer (Prodema, Trespa)
  • Composite Timber Cladding
  • Fibre Cement Cladding 


Design and delivery of complex Facade designs.

Project Management

Efficient delivery of the project to budget and program.

Through working closely with the project construction team we break down larger projects into smaller manageable stages to ensure effective project management.